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V1 is engaged in growing a national conversation, among all U.S. aviation stakeholders, for ensuring a 21st Century air transportation system which can serve as an economically sustainable enabler of U.S. GDP growth.

A design proposal to meet this need is contained in V1's independent research proposal, The V1 Concept of Air Transportation Management. This proposal represents a paradigm shift in the economic structure of the U.S. air transportation industry, as it seeks to ensure the industry’s strategic vitality for capturing national economic productivity and expanding U.S. GDP into the 21st century.

No More Sky

The V1 Concept of Air Transportation Management
introduces an innovative market concept for the provision, trade, and consumption of aviation infrastructure capacity as a ubiquitous utility and a tradable commodity using ‘NextGen’ technology. It is proposed that this economic structure will enable the industry to create its future - by meeting and adapting to random occurrences of choice, chance and certainty in a rapidly occurring global economy - rather than relying solely on prediction, preparation and contingency planning as a hedge against the future.

An excerpt follows below:

“Throughout the history of economic development, the evolving demands of mankind have always usurped the status quo. History is replete with the wreckage of fixed systems of economic development which did not embrace human choice at the granular level and therefore could not adapt to change. For decades, the status quo in air traffic control has been the pursuit of greater fixed and centrally controlled processing capacity for the purpose of managing the ever-greater quantity of passenger and freight volume which is generated by economic growth. Yet, despite the enormous quantities of resources expended in this pursuit, economic growth in the U.S. and the world has repeatedly overtaken advances in air traffic control capacity. It is time for a change in the status quo.”


The V1 Concept of Air Transportation Management makes the following assertions:


§         There are three determinants of air transportation throughput:

1. Seat and freight capacity

2. Runway environment capacity

3. Safe-separation airspace capacity

§         The Airline Deregulation Act of 1978 was only a partial measure toward the free-market sustainability of the air transportation industry because it deregulated only one of the determinants listed above; air carrier seat and freight capacity. 'Deregulation' caused this determinant to become accountable to human choice through the dynamics of the free market.


§         The other two determinants, runway environment capacity and safe-separation airspace capacity, continue to be centrally predicted, planned and controlled. This hinders the granular accommodation of human choice to create the future of air transportation infrastructure at the critical margin of occurrence between ‘the now’ and ‘the next’ - the way it was permitted to occur in the market for seat and freight capacity. Therefore, the free market production of seat and freight capacity over-consumes the inefficient and under-supplied capacity of the other two centrally planned determinants of throughput. The result has been sustained inefficiency in the consumption of resources, and wasted national economic productivity, as the DOT and the FAA have failed to keep pace with the speed of the aviation marketplace.


§         Development of the Next Generation Air Transportation System is necessary. But ‘NextGen’ is flawed by its over-riding pursuit of increased safe-separation airspace capacity as the sole solution to air transportation congestion. The V1 Concept of Air Transportation Management is intended to augment 'NextGen' by governing demand through economically sound measures while simultaneously providing for increased capacity.


Copies of V1’s research proposal are being provided to key individuals in industry, academia, the legislature, federal bureaus, and public policy think tanks. As this conversation grows, V1 looks forward to realizing the vast potential of The V1 Project for ensuring the viability of air transportation as a critical enabler of economic growth for the 21st century.


Creating the Future -

At the margin between "the now" and "the next".



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